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G.P Hugenberger on “The Biblical Ethics of War”

old testament genocide

As promised, we weren’t able to go into detail today in 1 Samuel 15 into a biblical answer for a common objective, “Doesn’t the Bible condone genocide in the Old Testament?” I wanted to provide a helpful biblical treatise on the subject by Dr. Gordon Hugenberger from 2001 at Park Street Church in Boston, MA.

You can read it here: Biblical Ethics of War – Hugenberger

You can also reference Dr. Gordon Hugenberger’s sermon on 1 Samuel 15 that spends much more time on this issue. Stream it here: https://www.parkstreet.org/war-and-discipleship


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Responding to bin Laden’s Death

How should we feel and think about the death of Osama Bin Laden? I am not going to unfold my ideas because already so many helpful posts have been put online. Let me just link you to Justin Taylor’s blog and thus to his gathering of different posts. Now, most of these are going to represent a Just War Theory worldview/theology of war and justice, so if you know of any Biblically thoughtful pacifistic pieces, let me know.

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