I am a follower of Christ – not because I figured him out or got my act together, but because he pursued me and took a heart that was unwilling and unable to trust him and lifted the veil. Like he has with many before, he called me to the wondrous task of being a fisher of men. I am the Lead Pastor of Chapel Hill Bible Church. I am a husband and father. I am more blessed than any one man should be. I am obsessed with the Gospel because we cannot deny our obsessions and Jesus is the One who we are designed to obsess over. Herein lies some thoughts on what it means for the gospel to have us in all of life.


3 responses to “About

  1. Taylor

    you could have a twitter where you just post links to your blogs, you know….


    love the blog. miss hearing you say these things in person, but so excited for those who DO have that privilege. happy easter!

  2. Tony and Kathy

    For years while incarcerated, the radio and the Bible Broadcasting Network was my main source of spiritual food. The last several years I have seen an almost insidious, slow “leak” (as Pastor Swindoll puts it) in real Gospel exposition; many (most?) of those filling the role of chaplain have little or no regard for the Word; that is one reason why the first time I sat in the congregation at CHBC while Pastor Jay taught was beyond description. Keep it up, Pastor Jay!

  3. You ought to consider setting up the RSS feed for this… for those of us who still use such things. 🙂

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