Children’s Ministry: Get Your Promise!

Friends, I want to make an appeal and I want to do it gospel-style. What does that mean? It means that I want to make a call to action but one that is squarely based  on promises. As I have said, repeatedly, all of God’s commands are a promise in disguise. What I am about to invite you to, namely, the opportunity of investing in our children, is also a promise in disguise. I want to lay out a set of promises that are the foundation for investing in the lives of our children at the Chapel Hill Bible Church.

  1. God will use your time, energy, and talents to make Christ known in the lives of our children, if you will give it. He will! God does not let gospel motivated investment go to waste. We all want to get a return on our investments. Well, this is a for sure. This is a win-win. If you will invest your time, energy, and talents in our children, you will see fruit. God will work. Children will be saved, discipled, and equipped to be disciple-maker kids.
  2. Our church, as a whole, will be blessed if our children’s ministry is highly invested in. Jesus really cared about children. Just look up “Jesus” and “children” in a concordance or Bible program and check it out (Luke 17 for instance). There is something about loving and investing in kids that reflects an overall disposition of obedience and worship toward God. The family unit is also a massive health indicator of the church. When the family is healthy, the church is healthy. So much of what we are about in our children’s ministry is not replacing parents but rather equipping parents, and partnering with them, to disciple their children. So, when we have enough hands on deck to do this well, all of us will flourish.
  3. The future of the church is largely about how we disciple the next generation. I know you’ve heard this before, but this is true. This is a grand promise! Our children’s ministry is not babysitting so parents can focus during our services. It is about teaching the Bible, mentoring, and training in righteousness. It is about enabling kids to prize and savor Christ in all things! If we do this right, then these are the future men and women who will lead, teach, protect, and serve the church. Think about a next generation who know their Bibles, who know that mission is not a choice but a call on all believers, that the church is a sweet organization, that prayer is essential, and that God is infinitely wonderful!
  4. You will grow in your faith, grow in Biblical knowledge, see the heart of Jesus, be more pliable toward the Spirit, and more obsessed with the gospel, if you will give of yourself to disciple our kids. Serious. You know this is true. Enough said.
  5. You will have a lot of fun. The work of God is fun!

Next step? Pray about it. Check what I said against Scripture. Call or email our Children’s Minister, Josh Cooley ( Just talk with him. We need teachers. But, talk with Josh and if teaching is certainly not your thing, there are many other roles.

What is the need? Well, we want to drive this by vision, not necessarily need, but here is the deal: we are staffed at about 60%. That’s not good. We are combining classes left and right, and this is not a good longterm solution, especially if we want excellence. We want to make this great for our church family but we also want to be a church that is attractive and inviting for new families. When we have visitors and they see how understaffed we are, that is not a great first impression. Some will stay because they know we are in process, but others know there are other churches with good teaching, Biblical vision, and a much more staffed children’s ministry.

Friends, let’s do this! Spread the word. We have great leadership in place. Great vision. Biblically driven curriculum. I am inviting you to see Jesus in greater depth. Nothing less. Join our children’s ministry team!



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  1. hank

    THIS IS A TEST– I am all for the above blog, BUT no one ever says anything about my comments, so this is a test–answer me if you ever read others comments…thank you

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