The Reality of an Empty Tomb

I mentioned on Sunday that I would get resources to you to help understand, communicate, and defend the truth of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here is a solid list of books:

  1. The Case for the Resurrection by Gary Habermas & Mike Licona. This is a great lay level resource with loads of content which features the minimal facts approach in full force.
  2. Resurrection iWitness by Doug Powell is a great presentation of the above material, but in an interactive format that would engage adults and children.
  3. In Defense of Miracles is a great book that deals with the larger arguments against the miraculous (including a section on the resurrection)
  4. The Case for Easter This is Strobel’s book addressing it and I think the church may have handed these out over Easter last year – not sure.
  5. Resurrection of the Son of God by NT Wright. Very long and technical, but good for those who want top notch scholarship.

The truth of the resurrection has led many, including the disciples in John 2, to believe the full gospel truth about Jesus. So, may we be a people who embrace this truth as a lead truth.


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