Let Us Pray for the World

I have been very convicted by a sermon I recently heard by David Platt at the Together for the Gospel Conference a few weeks ago. He makes a few very big points, but the one we can apply right now is PRAYER. One of the best ways to pray for the advance of the gospel in the world is to get a hardcopy of Operation World or to visit its website daily to look up a nation of the world, listed with its demographics and with some prayer needs. For each day, they have a different nation to focus on. I used to do this and fell out of the habit. I have started again and by grace I hope to continue. Would you consider making this a habit? Also, would you pray fervently with me that an unusual number of men and women are called to career missions, especially to an unreached area of the world, from this church? That is the type of prayer God answers. May we be known as a church that desperately wants Jesus to be treasured throughout the nations!



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2 responses to “Let Us Pray for the World

  1. HRL

    Amen to this, and we desire to do this in a group fashion every Monday night at Missions Soup and Prayer–especially lifting up all of our own cross cultural mission’s brothers and sisters as they send us their prayer needs regularly and we “hold the rope” for them as William Carey asked his friends to do as he “went into India” (the pit) and
    his friends “held him up to the Throne in prayer”..the Operation World book is a great way to pray also, though do not be overwhelmed by the immensity of it–one day at a time is crucial–but the information i s solid!!! HRL

  2. I challenged our college students to pray through Operation World’s daily nation prayer guide this summer. May God use this church for his glory.

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