Then there is the prophet. The prophet is the thinker, dreamer, analyzer, and articulator. If you are a strong prophet, you love theology, reading, and expressing truth in words. You take ideas, and swirl them around in your head, dreaming about how to articulate, apply, and mobilize a movement. You grow by learning, and reading and communicating are generally pillar ways of learning for you. You are obviously gifted in speaking and because of the giftedness in thinking and speaking, you are often the leader-influencer of a community. You are sensitive to revelation, and thus are the vision receiver and the vision caster.

You like the questions:
What are you learning? What are you reading? What is your position on this issue? What is the vision and mission? How are you influencing the world? What inspires you?

You tend to be threatened by:
Priests who lack prophetic strength. Kings who are only kings. Other prophets you think are more gifted than you. Sentiment apart from principle. Assumed truths. Lack of clear vision and mission. Things or people that dismiss the power of words and ideas.

You respond well to:
The written word. The spoken word. Content rich interactions. Teachers. Intellectual environments. People who want to learn from you. Other prophets you trust.

Like the priest, you can be paired with kingliness and/or priestliness. A lot of leaders are prophetic-kings or kingly-prophets. You will find that prophets have a hard time working under solely kings and/or priests, and yet if they lack any priestliness, prophet-kings can be hard to work for.

We need the prophet. They are the fountainhead of articulated vision and mission. They inspire the community to grow and move forward. But, they need people to keep their feet on the ground, to make their dreams come alive. They, and all of us, need kings, too.



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3 responses to “Prophet

  1. Mike

    So, is there an accessment test out there that helps pin down which of these three or combination one might be?

    • Jay

      There are a ton of assessment tests, but they probably won’t use these terms. However, once you see the results, you could interpret what they mean in terms of prophet, priest, and king.

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