Intentional Christmas

Friends, I would like us as a church to be intentional with Christmas. Along with Easter, this is a moment people are thinking about faith, even if in very distorted forms. In fact, the consumerism that obscures the meaning of Christmas is a desire for soul-satisfaction – it is a religion. So, we want to remind the world that plasma screens and legos will not suffice. We want to be intentional about sharing the gospel. From personal invitations to church, to having a Christmas coffee neighborhood open house, to simply being intentional to share Christ, we want the Advent season to be a time where we as a church reach out with the gospel. No programs. No special events. Just an encouragement to pray, to look, and to be sensitive to where you can share Christ.
May men and women, boys and girls, hear through our church that a Savior was born, God with us, to bring peace to men and women and goodwill to all, to be the King we so desperately need, to be the Yes to all of God’s promises. May they hear and believe!

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  1. Tony

    One way (small though it is) that I use to get the focus on the season on the Reason is to wish everyone I meet a Merry CHRIST-mas. This almost always causes the recipient of my greeting to at least pause in their headlong rush to consume and even, occasionally, ask me about why I said what I said.

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