What I Pray For My Children

Where have I been? Let’s just say it’s been one of those months. I’m back now and will try and re-engage this format for teaching, relating, and imagining the gospel with you.

I wanted to start back with a post on the things I pray for my children. I was prompted by a panel that was held here at the church a few Sundays ago on parenting. I was on the panel along with some dear brothers and sisters who represented either experience as parents and/or experience as shepherds to teenagers and young adults. We ended our time with some questions. One of the questions was: What do you pray for your children? Great question. This is what I pray for:

1. I pray that my children would be regenerated by the gracious work of the Holy Spirit.

2. I pray that my children would not only be converted but that they would have a double-portion of the Spirit so that they would brim over with white hot passion for Jesus Christ.

3. I pray that my children would be protected from the evil one.

4. I pray that the future spouses of my children, 3 little girls and a little boy (maybe not even born yet in a case or two), would be lovers of Jesus who want, more than anything, to serve Jesus alongside my children. If God has planned for one of my children to remain single, then I trust God can redistribute my prayer to another child who needs it.

5. I pray for specific areas of sanctification in each of my children. Specifically, I pray that my boys would be protected from the heart issues that lead to addiction to pornography, and I pray that my daughter would be protected from the heart issues that lead to body-image insecurity. I pray those now, knowing those temptations are a ways off…but not real far off for my oldest.

6. Then I pray for specific things going on in my children’s lives at the time.

I also use a book that contains prayers for  parents to direct toward their children, based in Scripture. It is called Setting Their Hope in God by Andrew Case.

It is also important to spend some time thanking God for the gift of your children. Remember, fellow-parent, our children are a house God is building (Psa 127). Seriously, don’t forget that one of the greatest derivative blessings of God himself is his gift of your children. I am going on a tangent, but there are so many couples that would love to have a child, but cannot (at least yet). Be thankful! And, be committed. One of the areas God will smile upon the most is you reflecting God in your parenting. I could care less what kind of kingdom you have built, if you don’t love your kids well in Jesus’ name.

We are talking about global missions this Sunday. Start with your children. Be Spirit empowered witnesses of the person, work, and worth of Jesus to your kids! Back to prayer #1.


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