Mission Does Not Exist Apart from Discipleship

Pastor Randy passed this along to me. The blogger’s thoughts and the accompanying video express a lot of the heart I feel like the Lord is giving me through His Word and by the Spirit. Something to chew on.

You can’t get around it…Discipleship leads to Mission


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2 responses to “Mission Does Not Exist Apart from Discipleship

  1. hank

    Just finished book called REAL LIFE DISCIPLESHIP by
    Jim Putnam from an independent Idaho church with
    700 small grps. all geared to making disciples to make disciples–very exciting to consider for the CHBC–
    it reminds me of the Navigator material that the person
    who God used to open my eyes to the Saviour urged me to get into–just 53 yrs ago–and it has been a solid
    foundation for me ever since (in fact, the scripture memory
    helped me get through medical school–you know, biochemistry and memorization!!).

  2. Tony Shook

    Wow! and a half! That video is a gloriously succint demonstration of what ‘church’ is and the accompanying blog is also on the money. It is refreshing to have Jay exhorting (kicking us in the seat of the pants metaphorically speaking) us to emulate the same behavior/conduct done by the early church.
    Motivated and eager to go on until He comes!

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