The Final Turn in Colossians

Pastor Randy is taking the bridge this Sunday in Colossians, covering 4.2-6. His theme is: Praying with eyes open. I am really looking forward to how the Lord will speak through him this Sunday. I like to pray over the next section of Colossians in order to prepare my heart, and I would encourage you to make that a soul-habit, too.

The following week Alex Kirk is going to recite the entire letter from his heart. And, I do mean from his heart. I think that will really minister to us. Having lengthy parts of God’s word read or recited is very important. In fact, it might be the most important part of the worship gathering. Preachers can get it wrong. When you read God’s word, you get it straight from God. After Alex finishes I will make some brief remarks to sum up and close our series. I joked with some colleagues about doing a word search on all the names in the final verses, and one of them gave me this link to a post by Trevin Wax who actually did that – and yet with an insightful approach to each person’s names. Check it out.


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