Responding to bin Laden’s Death

How should we feel and think about the death of Osama Bin Laden? I am not going to unfold my ideas because already so many helpful posts have been put online. Let me just link you to Justin Taylor’s blog and thus to his gathering of different posts. Now, most of these are going to represent a Just War Theory worldview/theology of war and justice, so if you know of any Biblically thoughtful pacifistic pieces, let me know.


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  1. Tony Shook

    Pastor Jay,
    While the evil the man did is undeniable, I can remember when 9/11 occurred (I was incarcerated at Piedmont Correctional Institution and a chaplain’s clerk). We all were horrified at the unfolding events (and I was thinking about the inevitable war that would result); that night a reguarly scheduled worship service was to take place and Chaplain Haynes asked me to speak to the events of that day.
    I remember saying that Osama bin Laden was not our enemy, that the being behind his actions and thoughts was our true enemy. No matter how we may feel about the man, I implored those in the service not to hate him (or those following the tenets of Islam), but to pray FERVENTLY that Christ would break through to Mr. bin Laden and open his heart to his need for Messiah.
    Mr. bin Laden’s eternity is now fixed and only God knows his heart as to where he is now. Can any of us condemn ANYONE out of hand no matter what that person has done?
    Remember that our eternity is still open; what will we all do with the Christ?

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