Preaching Christ from the Old Testament

One of my passions is the pursuit of knowing God by his unified story we call the Bible. It is one big story. Yes, made up of smaller stories. But, it is one, unified, unfolding, plan of redemption. And, one very important feature of this story is that Jesus is at the center. That means, every text of Scripture has something to say about Him. There is a lot there. I am not going to unpack what I mean by that and what I don’t mean by that here (we have plenty of time to do that through the years). But, I do want to play my cards up front that I think the entire Bible is God’s story of redemption with Jesus as the key character, even in the small crevices of the Old Testament.

So what? One, when preaching in the Old Testament, it is important to me that I have to not only do justice to the text in front of me, but I also have to do justice to how that text fits in the grand story – so, Jesus will be mined from that passage. This does not mean I have to force Jesus in, but in some fashion every text has a Christocentric, or Christo-telic meaning. Again, I will unpack different angles of this in the future, but for now let me just state it this simply: Jesus must be preached from the Old Testament. You will see me do this as I preach OT texts and there are several good example of preachers who find this important. Like who? I am glad you asked.

Pastor Randy and I were at The Gospel Coalition national conference a couple of weeks ago, and the theme of the gathering was preaching Christ from the OT. We heard some wonderful sermons that taught on and were examples of Christ preached from the OT. The plenary speakers included Tim Keller, Alistair Begg, Albert Mohler, Matt Chandler, Don Carson, and James MaDonald, to name a few. If you want to hear good examples of Christ centered preaching from the OT, check them out. Also, while you are on The Gospel Coalition site, peruse a bit. It is one of my conversation partners.


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