Why is Good Friday good?

Today we worship God because of a death. Think about that. Today we mark as ‘good’ because of a tragic, horrific, sad, tortuous, death. And not just a death – but the death of a truly innocent man. A friend of mine, who was a part of my high school youth group with me, who even mentored me at one point, who no longer walks with Jesus, commented a few years ago that one of the reasons he could no longer affirm his faith was that the core of our faith, the cross of Christ, was so antithetical to what he thought was good and right. In that critique is a question. Why is Good Friday good? It is a good question, isn’t it? Why is Good Friday good?

Some thoughts:

1. The horrendous death of the Son of God was necessary. Someone had to pay for sins. The payment had to be perfect and infinite. The payment had to be as ultimate as the death of the Son of God. So, Jesus paid, and in our place.

2. This death was the greatest act of love. Ironic? Yes, but an irony we need to be thankful for, with all of our hearts.

3. Jesus’ death was not the last word. Death would not have the last word. As John Owen put it: death died in the death of Christ (Actual title: The Death of Death in the Death of Christ).

4. Jesus received glory at the cross. The gospel of John high lights this theme.

5. The OT Scriptures were fulfilled, perfectly.

6. Finally, the goodness of Good Friday is only valid in as much as it is historically and theologically connected to Easter morning. Jesus passed through death in order to receive life – so that our death with Jesus would mean eternal life with Jesus.

The goodness of Good Friday is still hard to grasp. But it is truly good. I hope you enjoy Christ all the more this day, especially as the sun sets, for this evening, two millennia ago, your sins were crucified with Jesus, so that on the following Sunday, your life would be created in Him! Blessings to you. Love you. Can’t wait to rejoice with you on Sunday!


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