Expositional Listening

So…my preaching style. It is called expository preaching. It stems from the belief that the backbone of a preacher’s pulpit ministry should embrace preaching that exposes or unpacks the meaning of a chosen Biblical text. The meaning of the text should be the main idea of the sermon. There are times for topical series, but the bread and butter of a pulpit should be exposition. That is my commitment, at least.

Having said that, expository preaching assumes something about the listener. It assumes the listener can follow the argument of a text and measures the sermon by the passage more than by the elocution or communication theory. The expositor connects best with the expositional listener.

That brings me to an article by Thabiti Anyabwile. Thabiti is a pastor in the Cayman Islands (suffering for the gospel!). He as written a very helpful article on what it means to be able to listen to expository sermons effectively.

Now, expository preaching can be done in different ways. Different men with different personalities can preach expositionally in various ways. But, if this is somewhat new to you, as I dial in, and I am praying, processing, listening to feedback to dial in well, and you find yourself in the process of learning to listen to my messages, then I think this article will be helpful. Check it out.




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2 responses to “Expositional Listening

  1. Branson

    Great website. Especially love the interface on Safari for the iPad. Looking forward to your thoughts and reading what’s left on the “cutting room floor” from the sermons. Now we just need to get you on twitter…

  2. Mike

    Expository Preaching + NOW Expository Listening =

    Thanks for the link. Thanks for EPreachinig. I will challenge myself to be more of an EListener.

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