“Life only has meaning/I only have worth if…

This was compiled from Tim Keller’s book Counterfeit Gods: The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power, and the Only Hope that Matters.


“Life only has meaning/I only have worth if…

  1. I have power and influence over others.” (Power Idolatry)
  2. I am loved and respected by _____.” (Approval Idolatry)
  3. I have this kind of pleasure experience, a particular quality of life.” (Comfort idolatry)
  4. I am able to get mastery over my life in the area of _____.” (Control idolatry)
  5. people are dependent on me and need me.” (Helping Idolatry)
  6. someone is there to protect me and keep me safe.” (Dependence idolatry)
  7. I am completely free from obligations or responsibilities to take care of someone.” (Independence idolatry)
  8. I am highly productive and getting a lot done.” (Work idolatry)
  9. I am being recognized for my accomplishments, and I am excelling in my work.” (Achievement idolatry)
  10. I have a certain level of wealth, financial freedom, and very nice possessions.” (Materialism idolatry)
  11. I am adhering to my religion’s moral codes and accomplished in its activities.” (Religion idolatry)
  12. This one person is in my life and happy to be there, and/or happy with me.” (Individual person idolatry)
  13. I feel I am totally independent of organized religion and am living by a self-made morality.” (Irreligion idolatry)
  14. My race and culture is ascendant and recognized as superior.” (Racial/cultural idolatry)
  15. A particular social grouping or professional grouping or other group lets me in.” (Inner ring idolatry)
  16. My children and/or my parents are happy and happy with me.” (Family idolatry)
  17. or Ms. “Right” is in love with me.” (Relationship Idolatry)
  18. I am hurting, in a problem; only then do I feel worthy of love or able to deal with guilt.” (Suffering idolatry)
  19. my political or social cause is making progress and ascending in influence or power.” (Ideology idolatry)
  20. I have a particular kind of look or body image.” (Image idolatry)

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Annual Meeting!

Friends, a friendly reminder that if you are a member of the Chapel Hill Bible Church please make it a priority to attend and participate with us at our annual meeting this Sunday, June 5th, starting at 3:30 PM with a dessert social, the meeting to start officially at 4PM.

Our annual meeting is primarily a time to celebrate what God has done in the past year in and through our church, as well as to prayerfully anticipate what He has for us in the year ahead. While affirming our budget through a vote is part of that endeavor, we want to frame all of it in worship, prayer, and unity. The budget before us is significant, in that our next few years will be committed to see our mission and value for the next generation significantly grown as we invest in an expanded facility and the ministry it will enable us to have. If you are passionate about that future and are all-in with serving Jesus with us, please come and make your partnership known this Sunday! If you have children, we will be providing childcare.

Finally, let’s be praying and lifting up our annual meeting to the Lord, that it would be worshipful, prayerful, unifying, and that it build great Gospel-driven expectancy in all of us!



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Revival: The Expansion of our Hearts, our Mission, and our Building

Here is a video that will explain where we believe the Lord is leading us as a church. I hope you find it informative, but more than that I hope it inspires your hearts in light of what God has for us as a church.


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Loving Forward

I like to listen/watch sermons from other preachers. The other day I decided to watch a sermon by the Senior Pastor of Colonial Baptist Church in Cary. I have heard he is a gifted expositor. He is. I believe Colonial was planted  by Pastor Davey in the 80’s. It is a large church and has experienced significant growth through the years, which has entailed several building projects. I have driven by their campus once, and it is indeed beautiful. Clearly, many have been quite generous to establish that kind of brick and mortar presence as a post for the gospel in the Triangle.

Back to that sermon. There was a moment in the sermon I watched where Pastor Davey was recollecting the early years. He recalled how that much smaller group of people had a vision for a church in the future, and they sacrificially gave because they had the people in the current church in mind. I believe Pastor Davey looked at the people in front of him and said: they had you in mind and they were generous for you.

I love that. I love the picture of a group of Christians who are willing to dig down and give generously for people they have not even met yet. I imagine savings were liquidated, vacations were simplified, used cars were purchased instead of new ones, niceties were forgone for a year or two, and/or people who did not give began to give even though it initially felt alien. Why? To glorify God, I hope, but in that vein to bless future generations who would be impacted by the Gospel in that church.

I pray that would be our heart here at CHBC, too. As we consider expanding our facilities, it is our desire not to use the Triangle to make us a great church; but for our church to be useful to the Triangle, for Christ’s sake. Imagine with me a church five, ten, fifteen years down the road. Imagine people impacted by the Gospel who will be part of our community and mission in large part because we enabled our facilities to impact and bless them.

May we love forward.

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Preparing for a Re-Vision Campaign

I am not sure we are going to officially call the season ahead of us as a church a Re-Vision campaign. One, that word can be confusing and ‘they’ say a brand should not need much explaining. But, for the sake of this blog I thought it would be quaint to call our upcoming campaign a Re-Vision campaign as a combination of the two words Revival and Vision. Those two words are what I am asking God for as we proceed to follow him into a season of increased ministry impact. This impact, we believe, will involve us addressing additional space needs for our church. But, the point of even addressing those needs is the greater purpose of becoming a church more equipped, more passionate about, more committed to, more anchored in, more depended upon the Holy Spirit, in order to be used of God in greater ways here in the Triangle and even in the world. I hope to begin a series of blogs as we approach this re-vision campaign. So, I certainly don’t mean revision in terms of changing our theology or our mission, or that things are broken and need to be fixed. What I mean is that God likes to send fresh vision to his people in order to lead them into deeper relationship with Him. We believe he is doing that for us now.

I want to begin by simply putting before you a list of prayer requests for this campaign. In these requests, I hope you see your pastor’s heart, I desire for you to see your leaders’ hearts, I want you to see the realities behind a potential brick and mortar project, and I long that we all hunger for revival in deeper ways. Here you go:

Please pray that…

We seek God’s face together

Our desire to invest in our church would be driven by kingdom vision

Our leadership will lead with utmost integrity, earnestness, transparency, and wisdom

We all grow not just in a willingness to give generously to this campaign but that we become more generous in general

Principled givers would become influencers in other people’s lives out of their experience of joyful giving

Irregular givers become regular

Non-givers become so taken by the Gospel that the idea of giving away lots of money as a lifestyle would be seen as a joy producing and grace bestowing life

People would receive Christ during our campaign

Those who feel distant and indifferent about our church would become connected and inspired

Money would not be the only gift we give, but many would become generous with time and talent, too

Some who will not or cannot be inspired by our church would make the hard but wise decision to consider what kind of church would inspire them to taste and see the goodness of God, if not this one

God would lead all of us in a unified sense of his will concerning a building and increased ministry impact and that we would believe he will provide

We ask boldly of God, trusting he can absolutely astonish us at how he will provide

We would all grow in sanctification in general during this campaign

If we end up with a beautiful building addition and other resources for ministry, we will be good stewards of such things

Most of all, God would receive great glory!!!!



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Approaching Halloween

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October 27, 2015 · 5:46 pm

Children’s Ministry: Get Your Promise!

Friends, I want to make an appeal and I want to do it gospel-style. What does that mean? It means that I want to make a call to action but one that is squarely based  on promises. As I have said, repeatedly, all of God’s commands are a promise in disguise. What I am about to invite you to, namely, the opportunity of investing in our children, is also a promise in disguise. I want to lay out a set of promises that are the foundation for investing in the lives of our children at the Chapel Hill Bible Church.

  1. God will use your time, energy, and talents to make Christ known in the lives of our children, if you will give it. He will! God does not let gospel motivated investment go to waste. We all want to get a return on our investments. Well, this is a for sure. This is a win-win. If you will invest your time, energy, and talents in our children, you will see fruit. God will work. Children will be saved, discipled, and equipped to be disciple-maker kids.
  2. Our church, as a whole, will be blessed if our children’s ministry is highly invested in. Jesus really cared about children. Just look up “Jesus” and “children” in a concordance or Bible program and check it out (Luke 17 for instance). There is something about loving and investing in kids that reflects an overall disposition of obedience and worship toward God. The family unit is also a massive health indicator of the church. When the family is healthy, the church is healthy. So much of what we are about in our children’s ministry is not replacing parents but rather equipping parents, and partnering with them, to disciple their children. So, when we have enough hands on deck to do this well, all of us will flourish.
  3. The future of the church is largely about how we disciple the next generation. I know you’ve heard this before, but this is true. This is a grand promise! Our children’s ministry is not babysitting so parents can focus during our services. It is about teaching the Bible, mentoring, and training in righteousness. It is about enabling kids to prize and savor Christ in all things! If we do this right, then these are the future men and women who will lead, teach, protect, and serve the church. Think about a next generation who know their Bibles, who know that mission is not a choice but a call on all believers, that the church is a sweet organization, that prayer is essential, and that God is infinitely wonderful!
  4. You will grow in your faith, grow in Biblical knowledge, see the heart of Jesus, be more pliable toward the Spirit, and more obsessed with the gospel, if you will give of yourself to disciple our kids. Serious. You know this is true. Enough said.
  5. You will have a lot of fun. The work of God is fun!

Next step? Pray about it. Check what I said against Scripture. Call or email our Children’s Minister, Josh Cooley (josh@biblechurch.org). Just talk with him. We need teachers. But, talk with Josh and if teaching is certainly not your thing, there are many other roles.

What is the need? Well, we want to drive this by vision, not necessarily need, but here is the deal: we are staffed at about 60%. That’s not good. We are combining classes left and right, and this is not a good longterm solution, especially if we want excellence. We want to make this great for our church family but we also want to be a church that is attractive and inviting for new families. When we have visitors and they see how understaffed we are, that is not a great first impression. Some will stay because they know we are in process, but others know there are other churches with good teaching, Biblical vision, and a much more staffed children’s ministry.

Friends, let’s do this! Spread the word. We have great leadership in place. Great vision. Biblically driven curriculum. I am inviting you to see Jesus in greater depth. Nothing less. Join our children’s ministry team!


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